"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him" Colossians 3:17

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Aspect Mashingaidze 04-05-2015 20:50

Greatings in the name of the lord,its high time we should develop the church as a big institution and a major contributor to the christianity development in zimbabwe.we should be in a position to take ownership of the museva school and develop infrastructure around the HQ such that it becomes enshrined. by the country laws for preservation of the church's history and the legacy of andreas pedzisayi shoko,thank you

Tavona Zhou 03-21-2015 15:48

Thank you Man of God for the message and encouragement. May the Lord of Zion lead us through to the DAY.

Nicholas Gonanyika 03-12-2015 05:33

Zion is the Kingdom of Jehova

Oswell Masvaya 03-06-2015 07:27

I really thank our leadership for all their efforts to upgrade ZAFMC. For sure we will go with Zion to the world and bring the World to Zion. Why not naMwari waEzra

Emia Pedzisai 02-19-2015 06:27

we thank God for the website. It is a wonderfull initiative. Thank you God of Zion.

Badza 02-16-2015 19:23

Glory be to God

Ashley 02-09-2015 16:42

we thank u for the website

Shadreck Gonanyika 02-06-2015 09:27

great idea God bless

Shepherd Ranganai 02-03-2015 16:36

My testimony Would like to thank God over my achievement in attaining my Honours degree in Internal Auditing. I would like to thank Amai Bishop, she was my source of inspiration in my study . She was the one whom I requested to pray for me after my several attempts of looking for place of studying. Initially I was looking for pure accounting degree forgetting that God promised me that I will be an Auditor. Nothing at that time could guarantee me of this proffession. My highest qualification was O level certificate . Now I'm qualified to be an auditor, may God full fill his promise. Amen.

Dr Hamadziripi Dube 02-03-2015 09:07

I give thanks to the almighty. David didn't have power to build God s church but the lord himself gave solomon his chosen son to lead and build a church for the lord. This site is one of the things God commanded Bishop Ezra to do for the Lord. Greater things are coming as u witnesed a big PA system for our church. Musical instruments are coming soon to help our praise and worship team. Greater is the Lord who allow everything to be done in his church. I love my church i love my bishop Ezra Andreas i love God and i love my life Thank you Jesus

Kudzai Taruwona 02-01-2015 15:42

always give thanks to the almighty GOD for a new development and never stop praying to God

MIKE.R.J.RAIDZA 01-23-2015 01:35

We give all the adoration to the all mighty, God of wonders, God of Zion. We rejoice in his presence, tinoti Ebenezeer Ebenezer nesuwo tiri munyasha Jehovha matisvitsa pano.

Philemon Bhaloyi (in Canada) 01-22-2015 14:32

Oh that's great I enjoyed visiting the website.

Tavona Zhou 01-21-2015 21:40

people don't understand who Ezra is. watch out for more on this website

ALTON MAPENDO 01-21-2015 14:07

This is to express my personal appreciation to those behind this "First" in the History of our Church. May the Lord richly bless these brains.

Ozias Pedzisai 01-20-2015 17:35

Thank you lord for making this project a success.we will keep praising your name.

Farai Makumucha 01-19-2015 05:20

Izvi hazviitwi nenyama neropa. Ruoko rwaJehovha Mwari pa chake. May Almigty God bless this marvelous work and deeds.Amen

ISHMAEL DZIPAI 01-13-2015 13:39

This is quite a masterpiece, may the Almighty lead us in exploring more into technological advancement, under Jehovah's guidance the sky will not be our limit.

Shepherd Ranganai 01-13-2015 11:20

I would like to thank the Almighty for his inspiration of this wonderful page. God loves Zion very much, going through its development and growth you can witness the power of the living God. May God continue to bless ZAFMC. We love you Bishop Ezra and mother . Your love is great to us .

Tryford Dube 01-12-2015 15:09

God bless this work. I personal; this history blessed me. Let the hand of the Lord blesses all. Thank you.

Vunganai John Dube 01-12-2015 12:23

God is great.

Tavona Zhou 01-07-2015 17:12

ZAFMC kwava kumberi. Great honour to our leadership for this technological advancement.

Mathew Maidza 01-09-2015 08:48

Congratulations Zion, our Bishop Ezra Dorius Andreas Shoko raised us to another level. Let's walk along his spiritual vision through and through we will get to that promise from our mighty GOD through his guidance.