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Sermon from Bishop Andrias III 29-9-2015

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am blessed to learn of your fervent desire to light the fire of God. James 5:16 says; "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much". First I would like to say as Paul said to Timothy (2 Timothy 2:7) "Consider what I say ; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things" Children of God, as Paul exhorts Timothy (2 Timothy 4:2) " Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and doctrine". May God bless you richly in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Sermon from Muongamiri John Dube 6-6-2015

There is no better place for spiritual deception, than the place where God' Word has been pushed out of the centre & other things have taken centre stage! Check on the things that move you most in the church today & check to see if God's Word is still the focus of your passion.

Sermon from Muongamiri John Dube 4-6-2015

musaenzaniswa nenyika ino,asi mushandurwe muragariro yenyu muchivandudzwa ,kuti muidze muzive kuda kwamwari kwakanaka ,kunofadza,kwakakwana. shoko ramwaririnoda kuti isu vatendi tirege kuita chose chinhu chakaipa chingafanana nezvinoitwa munyika. ndichareva zvimwe zvacho semuenzaniso chokutanga (1) kugerwa kuvarume unowana munhu achiiswa mitaro inotevedza kubva kumusoro kuuya kuchirebvu woona kuti munhu atori mukati menyikachaimo (2) kuvanhukadzi unowana vakatogera tsiye pasina zvachosevobva voisa dzavo dzokunyorera ukatarisakunyikaka ndizvo zvavanoita izvozvo unobvawaona kuti vanhu vanonzi vatendi vachiri mukati menyika chaimo (3)kuba (4)kubata mishonga yechivanhu (5) ktaura zvinyadzi neizvi ndizvo zvandadoma zvinoitwa nemunhu ari munyika.hama munashe atisiye nyika iriyoga tinamate mwari ndatenda panevachabatsirika.

Sermon from Muvhangeri Hove 31-03-2015

Hannah was barren and her situation was worse in the fact that her problem could not be apportioned to his husband. Peninnah proved the fertility of the husband by giving birth to several children and the names of the children added misery to her problem. Though her husband loved her to the extend of giving her double portion of gifts more than what is given to Pennina, that could not comfort her. This made her to continue praying even after they have celebrated .
Her cry to Jehova even after they offered sacrifices continued. Elkanah his husband tried to comfort her , 1Samuel 1 vs 8".............am not I better to you than ten sons? Hannah wept bitterly and the Priest Eli observed her mouth . The Priest rebuked her thinking that she was drunk. Hannah answered him"........Iam a woman of a sorrowful spirit:..........have poured my soul before the lord . vs 17 .............go in peace and the God of Israel grant you your petition that you have asked of him." Soon after the word from the Priest, she rose and ate food and she was no more sad.

Hannah utilised the chance of being at a sacred place and cried out to the lord before HIS Priest. This is the same to us today as we are going to Jerusalem for our passover celebrations. We have different situations surrounding us and all situations can be better explained by an individual. This is the time we should surrender our burdens to the Lord to relieve us . Dont allow the devil to deceive you, for he can send the spirit of laziness, shyness and more to that to deprive you of time to pray. I have witnessed of several people going to Jerusalem and came back without even kneeling down to pray.

We are not going to Jerusalem to meet relatives but for fellowship with God. We are definitely going to redeem our blessings which have been robbed by the devil. The Lord who remembered Hannah should bless us . He is our shepherd.

May God bless his servant Bishop Ezra D. A Pedzisai Shoko . amen

Sermon from Muvhangeri Hove 12-03-2015

On our wednesday prayer service 11/03/2014, we read on this short and powerful verse 1 thes 5 vs 17"pray without ceasing". The overall questions was why are we supposed to pray without ceasing? How often should we pray and under what circumstances? Muongamiri VaSibanda(church elder present ) together with Mufundisi Raidza cited on people who continue to pray amidst afflictions and problems like Daniel who in the case of problems increased the frequency of prayer to three per day. Petros and Paul continued praying even after given strong warning that they should not call the name Jesus. Church members continued to pray for them. They did not wonder around for help but rather gathered to pray. Jesus went alone to pray leaving the disciples alone and he also took the other three disciples and went for a prayer cession. Most visions which were revealed to the prophets , they cited that " I was in prayer when the vision was shown to me ". In his preaching , Muongamiri vaSibanda asked a few individuals present that how often do they pray whilst alone at home. The responses indicated that people are reluctant in praying only to raise prayers when in problems. He encouraged people to be prayer warriors and encouraged people to form prayers groups where people meet to pray and praising the name of the Lord. It is through prayer that we communicate with the Almighty. Mordecai and the entire jews prayed and fasted rather than fighting or challenging what Haman has made the king to sign that the tribe to be killed. We must continue praying like what Daniel did , He continued praying up until God sent His Angel Gabriel with the answer. So many people have tendency of praying only for a few days ,then they retire even without receiving confirmation from God that they have been answered

Sermon from Muvhangeri Hove 06-03-2015

Children of God beware of your interests,response,contributions to social media such as Whatsapp,Facebook, hangouts and other social media riding on Internet.
I have noticed of recent of different social whatsapp and face groups being platforms of championing the devil's desires to destroy humanity, christian values even social and cultural values . women may form the groups to teach each other on how best they can keep their family and their social intimacy with their husbands. To my surprise, satan turn that group to a group where porn videos are send and shared amongst the group members. Most of the pictures and videos are conduit pipes used by the devil to lure people into his kingdom. The more you like and show interests in the porn pictures and videos you are automatically a victim. It will be very difficult for you to come out from that cage.
You will instead of spending your time in the word of God spend it in looking for more pornographic videos and pictures. No one will be able to quench the desire for porn videos except to be deliverance. 1 Peter 1vs 16,"Because it is written ,Be you holy, for I am Holy." we must live a holly life .We must not be pushed into unethical practices and uncalled for behaviours . Those porn videos give birth to lusts. Lets safeguard our spiritual life by avoiding social media groups which can end you in such a mercy.

In the facebook , not all friends requests are genuine ,befriended to one whom you know his or her character. Satanists are recruiting fellows into their kingdom through friend requests. Once you accept him or her you have accepted even the evil spirits in them.

Many christians have been turned into great liars through facebook where by they use the media to spread their liars and their self interests much to the detriment of other people's dignity . lets use the social media to spread the word of God more than ever before . May you all be blessed by these observations and all the same keep on praying. amen

Sermon from Muvhangeri Hove 05-03-2015

Angels are an essential component in our devine life. We had a bible reading on Daniel 9. The two preachers for our wednesday prayer service emphasised on the role of the angels especially Gabriel whom they described as an informative angel. The same angel visited Daniel to tell Daniel that his prayers were heard on the first day of prayer . The emphasis was put on why we seem not to hear from the angels the word of God. Many believers fast and pray for too long a time but many end up retiring from prayers without hearing the word of God. In this chapter , Daniel continued praying until the angel visited him. Angel visitation raises faith. The preachers encouraged us to pray fervently and not only to pray selfish prayers but to pray for the nations. God is still talking to us in several ways so we must worry if God is not saying something to us. We were blessed with the word . lets continue reading the book of Daniel.


Mashoko aJesu Marko 10:27.Taiva kurenje sekereke yeMamelodi PTA pasi pamambo Ezra tikadzidziswa pamusoro pamashoko aJesu pamusoro pejaya mufumi rakanga rauya kuna jesu rikati ringaita sei kuti ripinde muhushe hwekudenga, jesu akapindura akati tevedzera mirairo yakanyorwa. jaya rinoti zvose zvomurairo ndakatozvitangira pahuduku hwangu kuzvichengeta. Zvinoreva kuti jay raitoda imwe nzira yokupinda nayo muushe isati iri yokuchengeta mirairo nokuti izvi kwaari zvaiva nyore. Jesu unomutarira bhuku rinoti, wakamuda akati enda undotengesa zvaunazvo zvose upevarombo ugouya wonditevera. jaya rakanyunyuta nokuda kwamashoko aya. Jesu unoti zvakagozha kune vane fuma kuti vapinde muvushe bwedenga zvinovazvakavhundusa vadzidzi kusvika vabvunza kuti ndianani zvino vachaponeswa. Jesu unovatarira unoti KUVANHU IZVI ZVINOGOZHA ASI KUNA MWARI ZVINOGONEKA.

Takatarisana nenyaya yeeaster kuti tikundisiwe pakufamba napamutambo uye tisingakangamwi hondo yaFarao iri kufemera mugotsi meboka reZAFMC, takadzidziswa kuti muvengi wakafanana nejaya mufumi rinovimba nefuma,nehun'anga, huroyi, dominance, regai nditi nezvinhu zvinoonekwa. wakaipa unotozivavo murairo kubva pahuduku hwake kuti ropafadzo inobva kumubereki asi haatevedzeri murairo unowanisa ropafadzo iyoyo. kundotengesa zvaunazvo uchipa varombo ndookuita mapracticals emurairo [kungouziva koga its not good enough] isu kana tikaziva murairo asi tikasauita tinemhosva huru, nokuti bhuku rinoti ukaziva kuita zvakanaka asi ukasarudza kurega unemhaka.

Jesu pavanoti indaundotengesa zvaunazvo unditevere - varikuiti INDAUNOITA MAPRACTICALS EMURAIRO, bhuku rinoti ivai vaiti veshoko, uye vana vadoko haikona kungoda neshoko bedzi. James achitiwo kutenda kwedu kunofanira kuratidzwa nebasa. [practicals emurairo] takadzidziswa kuti tikaita sezvizvi tinenge torarama mumweya kwete munyama, kana tava mumweya tava munamwari togona kufadza mwari, zviya zvanzi kuna mwari zvinhu zvakareruka tinenge togona kuzviita. Takadzidzswa kuti zviitiko zvapajeru kana munhu ari munyama unoti ndingaindirei kueaster, pakarovamwa 27/28 dec saka tigondogwazve,[KURAMBA KUENDA JERU=KURAMBA KUNDOTENGESA ZVAUNAZVO = KURAMBA KUITA MAPRACTICALS EMURAIRO] asi kana tiri mumweya tinoti zvepaeaster zvinozikamwa nashe, uye Ishe ngavaite kuda kwavo. [ENDA UTENGESE UGOUYA UNDITEVERE = SURRENDER YOURSELF TO JESUS] Saka ngatipinde mumweya ndiko kuti togofadza mwari uye kuti zvose zvatinoda zvigoendeka.

Ngatirambe tichinyengetera zvikurusei napamusoro peeaster, mavhiri engoro dzafarao anobva, mwari vanoisa mikaha pakati pevana vavo nadiaborosi. Hatifanirwi kuwanikwa tiine ruvara kana chimwe chatinga pomerwa, kana chatingavimba nacho - jaya mufumi waivimba nefuma, farao waivimba nehondo. VaIsreal vaivimba naJehovha. Kana tiri pazvokwadi handei nehuwandu kueaster, kutukwa kana kurohwa kana dambudziko ripi zvaro kana zvirizvo zvinodiwa namwari ZVAKANAKA KUTI ZVITIWIRE. Hanzi naMoses zvirinani kutambudzika ndirimuvanhu vakadiwa namwari pane kufara ndirimuboka rakatukwa. Zvirinani kutambudzwa takarurama tiripazvokwadi yashe saka ngatizvinatse pahana dzedu kuti chipikirwa chirege kukoneswa. Ishe vatibatsire.

Sermon from Muvhangeri Hove 28-02-2015

Mufakose Friday Church service
We read our bible from Mathew 6 vs 16. Our church Elder Muongamiri Va Sibanda wanted us to have knowledge of what we are supposed to present our selves when fasting. fasting must not be taken as a show off. We must not disfigure our faces , we must be smartly present our selves to the public to an extend that the public can not notice that we are on fasting. Nehemiah 9vs 2, the Israel separated themselves from the public, confessed their sins and also the sins of their fathers, they read the bible and there after worshipped their lord. Fasting is a sign of humbling oneself before God. it is most effective way of calling the assistance of God in what ever matter we encounter on earth . Mordekai used it and it was very fruitful to Him and the entire dynasty. let submit ourselves to the Almighty through fasting. lets continue praying for each other and our church amidst all these temptations facing our church . its now time to call God's intervention for our easter 2015 to be free of problems. May our God continue to guide us and protect us from all evil.

Sermon from Muvhangeri Hove 26-02-2015

It is through the dream that the Almighty confirmed to amai Bishop(bishop's wife of the great task ahead of her). like other women who graduated at University, she was aiming to develop herself proffessionally. She dreamt herself boarding a fully packed bus where there were a lot of very old who to her amazement saluted her as mother and they offered her a seat though she was very young to be offered a seat. To her it was just a dream but it she failed to forget the dream and the dream was full filled and now she is a mother to many both old and young. God was just informing her that she is going to be a mother to many. The same God who visited Elizabeth ,Marry visited our mother. I dont doubt God chose his servants to lead the church. this is part 11.

Sermon from Muvhangeri Hove 19-2-2015

It was well before the death of bishop Dorious his father. I was interceding for Bishop Ezra for him to get a job. All was not well with him soon after he graduated from Bindura university with an Honours degree. It was during my fasting that God revealead to me that Bshp Ezra was indeed a Shepherd. I saw him in a dream submitting a thick envelope to a school head seeking employment, but the headmaster returned him his envelope saying that He dont want a Shepherd. At that time this statement meant nothing but only fulfilled years later. I didnt doubt or consult whom to follow amidst confusion perpetrated by self claimed bishop hiding under non existing agreement. this is part one , I will write more of these as we go God bless you.

Sermon from Muvhangeri Hove 12-2-2015

Mufakose Wednesday Church Service .
We read our bible from Psalms 23. The preacher Muongamiri VaSibanda took his time explaining the love of God to people. To those who believe, Jesus is the protector, Fear nothing for he is on our side. God used the ravens to feed the man of God who didn't have any source of food . God through the hand of a destitute widow fed his ser ant and the family for the whole drought period . The love of God to people is great so we must not be servant of fear but of the Almighty God . May God bless the Mufakose church services. Join us where ever you are on Wednesday and Friday from 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock pm .

Sermon from Muvhangeri Hove 9-2-2015

Mufakose Sunday Church Service. We read our book from Acts 5. lessons drawn were 1 We must not be liars, for we do not lie to the physical body but to the holy spirit. 2 . People must pay up all amounts as has been agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting of 2014. 3 Lying is an operational spirit which is also affecting this generation . 4 we need to pray against the spirit of lying. 5, Our house as a family of God should shun the spirit of lying at all costs. 6 An encouragement to be up to date with financial obligations especially those that have been agreed upon as a church. We did have a time to thank God over what He is doing to us as a church. We registered a lot of achievement through the hand of God .