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ZAFMC welcomes Priest Micah

Priest Micah was received back into the Zion Apostolic Faith Mission church at a conference held in Gwanda town from the 13th to the 15th of November 2015. Priest Micah lost connection with the ZAFMC more than twenty years ago following the death of Bishop Andrias I. Priest Micah resides in the Shanyaugwe area of Gwanda in Matebeleland South. He is a holder of ZAFMC badge which was issued to his late father, Priest Micah Maromo by the ZAFMC founder Bishop Andrias many decades ago.

He brought with him about 100 members. He leads a zone of six branches with a total of approximately 500 followers. The Priest and his church members promised to adopt the new

Bishop Andrias with the Gwanda-Shanyaugwe branch

Bishop Andrias with the Gwanda-Shanyaugwe branch

Bishop Andreas III meets Proffesor Daneel

One morning, on Saturday the 12th of September 2015 was one of the most memorable days in Bishop Andreas III (Ezra Pedzisai)’s life after he finally met Professor M.L Daneel, a very close friend to the grandfather and founder of the ZAFMC, the late Bishop Andrias Shoko . It was a happy moment for Professor Daneel, Bishop Andreas III and the ZAFMC delegation which comprised of Amai Bishop, Senior High Priest Anas Muzangwa, Chairman Shadreck Gonanyika, Silas Pedzisai and also the young Rudairo Pedzisai.

L-R: Senior High Priest A Muzangwa,Prof M.L.Daneel(Bishop Moses),Bishop Andrias III,Amai Bishop,Rudairo Pedzisai

Speaking after the interview with Professor Daneel, the Bishop could not hide his joy of meeting a real legend who played a crucial role in uniting African Independent Churches through initiatives such as the Fambidzano back in the 1960’s. Professor Daneel devoted most of his work in the researching about independent churches in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe in particular. Professor Daneel has lectured widely in Europe, North and South America, and Africa. He has more than 40 publications in his name.

Professor Daneel attended the Memorial service of the late Bishop Andrias I which took place in August 1985. He later accurately documented the occasion which he had eye-witnessed during the inauguration ceremony of his successor, his son Darius Pedzisayi Pedzisayi as Andrias II. He developed contextualized ecumenical ministries in theological education, environmental awareness and action, community development, and earth keeping for and with the African Initiated Churches in conjunction with other religious groups in Zimbabwe for more than four decades.

Professor Daneel’s love for God’s people and the nature earned him the names “Bishop Moses” and “Muchakata”. He was very happy that after about three decades he was able to see a grandson and the heir of Bishop Andreas. They had a long discussion which saw Professor Daneel going down the memory lane, and also putting on his maroon Zionist regalia. For Bishop Andreas III meeting Professor Daneel was a historic moment and a dream come true. He described as an opportunity to reconnect and perpetuate the initial causes of the Fambidzano and environmental movement in and even beyond the countries’ boarders

Prophet Shumba Mabhigiri dies

It saddens me to announce the untimely death of our beloved prophet Kainos Shumba Mabhigiri of the ZAFMC Victoria Falls branch . He passed away on Saturday morning ,the 13th of June 2015.He was burried on the 14th of June in his rural home of Mazvihwa , Mberengwa.Each of us not only grieves at the passing of a tremendous individual but also for the loss his family suffers.The date of his memorial service will be announced in due course. May his soul rest in peace.

ZAFMC friends from Holland visit again ......

Mr and Mrs Johane of Holland visited Zimbabwe for a leadership seminar with the ZAFMC leadership. The workshop started on the third week of October and it lasted for two weeks. Those who attended the event thanked the Dutch for their love in sharing their leadership skills with them.
Speaking after the workshop,Mr Mambume said he now understands the qualities of a good leader in religious and non-religious organisations.

Leadership Seminar,October 2014 in Waterfalls

The attendants promised to use the knowledge that they gained not for the benefit of the ZAFMC only but for the benefit of the community as a whole.
Mr Johane was a good friend of the late Bishop Dorias. He used to attend the Easter Celebrations when he is in the country.The death of Bishop Dorias did not end his love for Zion but he continued to work with Bishop Ezra,the successor of Bishop Dorias. Mr Johane promised to visit again next year.Mr Johane will also tour various ZAFM churches around the country.